A.meme.+ (Part 1)

Well readers, one of my spare time on facebook, I found an application, yeah kids, the classic application of questions and answers, and I thought of doing a meme with the questions that I read, are quite a lot so divided it into two parts, are very trivial, you know, everyday questions, but I post them for you anyway, so here they are my dear readers.

1. Do you think age is important in the relationship?
No, age is important in a relationship only when the people involved in the relationship  want different things.

2. What was the maximum number of orgasms you had in one night?
Oh God... ejeje well, I think 6 or 7... yeah, It was a very active morning.

3. Are you a collector of anything?
Yes, I collect Hot Wheel cars, and Lighters

4. Who was the last person you hugged?
Hum I guess Miguel and Ebeher.

5. If god were a woman what would be the one thing she would change about the world?

6. If you had to change the country, which would it be and why?
I think that would legalize gay marriage and adoption, create programs for entrepreneurs and make a redistribution of resources. Support for communications and technology. development

7. Do you prefer car games or board games?
Both are interesting.. but I have more ability for board games.

8. What is the favorite part of your body?
Definitely my eyes.

9. Would you fight woth someone until lying on the ground?
Oh God No! the fights are for uncivilized people.

10. Did you ever think about killing someone?

11. What is your happiest chilhood memory?
Well, I guess playing with my little neighbors outside my house.

12. What are the things you always take with you?
My cellphone, my wallet, my keys, my iPod, my lip gloss and money.

13. What did you get in trouble for?
Come home late... rubbish.

14. Could the hell be any worst than earth?
Em, have no idea.

15. What is the worse thing about being your gender?
That people do not believe that women can do the same things as men.

16. Have you ever been attracted to a person of an inappropriate age?
Unfortunately yes, and she was not for me.

17. Would you sell your soul to the devil?, for what?
In return, I'll want to save someone thar I love or a dramatic situation  like that.

18. If you invented a drink, which would be it name?
Trip to Heaven :-]

19. Do you miss anyone? who?
Many people...

20. What should you be doing right now?
Maybe a sexy girl... jeje kidding... I should be sleeping.

21. Did you make love in a boat?
Nope, not yet, jeje, but It's not a bad idea :-]

22. You consider yourself a self-educated person?

23. Would you rather be rich or healthy?
With money you can not buy health, but you can get rich with health.

24. If you had to eat 1 thing for the rest of your life, what?

25. Would you like to see a movie with an special friend?
Yes of course.

26. Does size matter?
It is not about quantity, it is about quality x]

27. What would be your dream job?
Owning my club in Spain, and being the resident DJ.

28. What time do you normally go to bed?
12 or 1 AM

29. Who was your first crush?
In junior high, I fell in love with my teacher :p

30. Favorite tv comercial?
Comercials of technology equipment.

31. Would you kill the pope for 5 million dollars?
Common, I would do it for free!!!

32. Have you ever feel that no belongings in this world?

33. Do you believe that love is here to stay?
I'll know when love comes... u_u

34. Has a song ever made you cry?
There are some that make me sentimental...

35. If you had to change your name, what would you change it to?
Just remove my middle name.

36. What are the trhee never of your life?
What?? (Esta pregunta así venia)

37. Could you live without sex?
Common! Who can seriously live without sex?

38. With who famous would you have a child?

Hayden Christensen...  Totally! He's hot or what?

39. Did you laughed so hard until tears come out of the eyes?
Yeap, bot I do not remember the reason.

39. Is sex a top priority for you?
Okay, not a priority in a relationship but it is a very important part C:

40. Witch film did you cry a lot?
I know there is one, but do not remember which one.

41. What would you do if you find a lot of money on the street?
Spend it of course. In clothes and stuff.

42. What was the most disgusting that you took in your mouth?
I rather not to answer this question, involves problematic situations.

43. What do you value most in a relationship?
The connection to the other person, the happiness that he/her makes you feel.

44. What you do best?
Be me.

45. Who is the sweetest person you know?

46. Name 5 the most important things in your life?
My family, my friends, the technology, healt, happines and love I guess.

47. On a scale of 1 to 10 how happyare you?
Well, mmm I guess something like  a 6.

48. Do you enjoy party?
Hell, I fucking love It!

49. How would you conquer the world?
Always going one step ahead of others.

50. How do you write zero in Roman numerals?
Gosh!!!! Good one... emm.. like a square zero?

51. If you were a canival, who friend would you eat?

52. What would you do if you were the last person on this earth?
Feeling useless, senseless in being the only person on the planet, don't you think so?

53. Would you kiss a total stranger?
Only if I'm honestly very, very drunk.

54. Who is your favorite hero of all time? and why?
Jejeje... maybe Wonderwoman, 'cause, it's a girl, and she's powerful and brave.

55. Do you like and white movies?

56. Are you happier single or in a relationship?
Oh Jisus... That depends on how happy you are in a relationship, and how well you are being single, you can not compare the feeling of being in a relationship to being single, but being single can be so much fun.

57. Who you think is your most sentimental friend?
Ejeje one of "The Boyz" Robertho.

58. When do you give the first kiss?
When I was 16. <3 :-)

59. Have you ever spent more than 6 hours at the computer?
Ohhhhh common honey! Are you kidding? I spent whole days in front of the computer.

60. Who is the funniest person you know?
Miy friend Miguel Aldama... alias Tommy

61. What is your favorite song of all time?
I can not answer that question, I have a lor of favorite songs.

62. What was the last thing you ate?
Milk... and cake.

63. Have you ever been stalked?
¬¬ Uhhh yeah... not funy at all.

64. wWhat is something that you would never consider doing?
Do illegal things or harm people's health... use drugs or weapons... 

65. Did you ever feel anything for someone you should not?
Unfortunately yes, you can not go against what your heart feels

66. If you were any particular geometric shape what would it be?
A shape that nobody has seen before, so unique that I can not describe

67. If your partner is cheating on you, what would you do?
Demand an explanation, and then the karma will take care of the rest

68. If you joined the circus, what act would you most want to preform?
Any act that involves fire.

69. What is something that you can not stop talking about?
Facebook, Twitter, technology, gadgets, school, gossip, sex, things of everyday life.

70. If alcohol were banned, what would your reaction be?
Get in shok, claim the return of alcohol through massive acts, sabotage, blackmail, threats, everything!


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