Hi there readers! How are ya? Well guys, as you have noticed the new iPhone4 has become more popular than it naturally is, due to the problem of signal reception by the antenna. And yesterday, Apple CEO Steve Jobs gave a talk on this issue, all believed that the genius of Cupertino will present a concrete solution to the problem, but as you see,  Mr. Jobs made comparisons all the entire presentation with another smartphones like the Motorola Droid and the Black Berry, and excused himself by saying that these phones had the same problem and blah blah blah, and as compensation to the owners of iPhone4, Apple gave them a case and they can download an upgrade. Anyway, today one of my morning blogging sessions, I found the 'iPhone4 Antenna Song', hehe, very funny. Ok, I reiterate my fascination with Apple products, but this video is very very funny, so check it.

Original post written by: Vida MRR


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